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Nancy Morris, Artist

My aunt once told me that when I was young I would just stare at things, studying them as though I was looking for meaning or learning from it - not saying much. I have to admit that after all these years, I haven't really changed. I have always been more of an 'observer' in life - curious and connected to what surrounds me. 


Growing up, it wasn't verbally that I expressed myself so much, but rather quietly on paper through written words and visuals. I was even practicing contemplative photography well before I had ever heard that term or knew what it was. I imagine this inherent part of who I am is what led me into graphic design as a profession, where I have been using images, words, color and design to tell stories for years.


As a glass artist, inspiration usually comes from a quiet place inside me and my interest in expressing it visually. I use a variety of techniques in my glass that lend uniquely to each piece, including my love of photography and the landscape of America that I choose as subjects. I find a deep connection to the process as each piece intuitively unfolds.


The most satisfaction for me comes when someone shares their own story or memory triggered by a piece they chose for themselves or someone they love. Those are the moments I enjoy the most. Their sharing becomes the best part of my story.




Honorable Mention

2017 Artists of Illinois Show

Gallery Seven, Joliet, IL

Honorable Mention in Glass

2015 Grand Haven Art Festival

Grand Haven, MI

Our Studio Family...
Nancy Morris

"The name of my studio says it all. It's a place to get lost inside myself. A space for my creative spirit to live and dance with my soul's intuition."
Mike Morris
Kiln Maintenance and
Carrier of All Things Heavy

"I love my wife, but why can't she work in something lighter... like knitting."
Bernat Morris
Studio Cat and Quality Control Specialist

"I feel it's necessary to give each piece of glass a good test to see if it annealed properly."
Remington Morris
Studio Cat and Shipping & Packing Department Supervisor

"I like to test each box personally to make sure it arrives in good condition to each customer."
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